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Terms and conditions

Fee and session information:
Methods of Payment:
  • BACS payment (We require an email remittance note, sent to to confirm payment made, noting transfer date and amount paid. If splitting the invoice between voucher payment and BACS please indicate this also);

  • Childcare Vouchers, Tax-Free Childcare, Childcare Grant Service;

  • Personal credit/debit cards.

Childcare Vouchers & Tax-Free Childcare:

We are happy to accept Childcare Vouchers provided by some employers. Please speak to a member of the Management Team for details of the third party companies we currently accept.

Some pointers to consider:

  • Ensure that your company are able to use your child’s surname as the reference to appear on our bank statement. (First ten characters.)

  • We can only accept childcare vouchers from companies who are able to email us confirmation of payment; and we reserve the right to refuse the use of certain companies.

As childcare vouchers are provided to parents free of tax and national insurance, under HMRC rules childcare providers are not permitted to give any change or refunds. Refunds will also not be issued for Tax-Free Childcare payments. (See refunds below.)


Tax-Free Childcare payments must use the correct child’s childcare account/reference (i.e. not a sibling’s).

The Following Discounts are available:
  • 8% on the normal fee pattern for the eldest sibling, after all other concessions have been deducted, and when both children attend.


Refunds will be given for any errors made during the accounting process. Credit to your child’s account will be made for sessions paid for in advance and cancelled following our session cancellation process - see clause 7 of our terms (below). These amounts will be credited towards the next invoice. No monies will be returned to parents.

Refunds will not be given for:

  • Absence due to illness/accident/quarantine, or other non-attendance;

  • Temporary closure of Little Foxes due to circumstances deemed by our management team to be beyond our control – e.g. adverse weather conditions, instructions from the Environmental Health Team due to an outbreak of an infectious disease (e.g. swine flu), failure/lack of utilities, threat to children and employees.

  • Money overpaid to us by childcare voucher companies/Tax Free Childcare.

  • Trips where monies have been paid but your child does not attend.

Penalty Payments:
  • Fees outstanding when next month’s/term’s fees are due will incur a late payment charge (with the exception of outstanding Childcare Vouchers when usually received in advance.) per invoice up to £1000, £70 per invoice over £1000, and interest charged at 8% above bank base rate if applicable, in line with Government Late Payment Legislation of 7th August 2002.

  • If accounts remain unresolved Court action will begin with £75.00 admin charge and all Court costs.

Please click the link below to download our Terms document, which sets out further contractual obligations. Terms Document (PDF)

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