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How do I use the service


Please register your child by completing the online registration form.

You will be notified of a successful application by email to the address provided.


Can I still drop off/collect at Little Foxes


We will be offering a drop off service in the mornings to take children to the breakfast club. You will need to request this service via email to

Unfortunately, pickup in the evening will only be possible from Lower School as the logistics of having the children back to Little Foxes along with staff to cover both sites is not feasible in the afternoon.


How will I be charged?


Once your regular booking pattern is confirmed you will be billed termly in advance, sent monthly (e.g., Term 1’s invoice will be divided between September and October). We accept bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and all major funding schemes – Tax-free childcare, childcare vouchers, and the Childcare Grant Payment Service.


Extra one-off requests and changes to your regular booking pattern can be made via the online booking page.


Can I cancel a session?

Yes, if you provide the required notice (see the T&Cs) you may cancel a session without charge. Your account will be credited with the cancelled session amount. Please note that there will be no monetary refund.

Why won't you make a cash refund for cancelled sessions?

Most payments are recieved via Tax-Free Childcare or Childcare vouchers, which cannot be refunded. To make administration manageable we have extended this policy to all payments received. Refunds may still be issued if we've made an error on your bill.


Will children be allowed to bring their own packed lunches and an evening meal, as the options provided are not what my children would eat/enjoy?


Yes, there will be no restriction on children bringing their own packed pre‐prepared evening meal. Parents/carers are reminded that no foodstuffs containing nuts can be brought to school. The rate for the evening session will be fixed and no discount can be offered for those children who provide their own evening meal.


Why have you stopped offering a main meal in the afternoons?


The complexities of offering a hot meal at the school site meant that we’re unable to provide this service currently. We will continue to investigate this possibility for the future.


Will the staffing remain consistent with those at Little Foxes?

Yes, we will announce staffing arrangements in due course, but the new provision will use current Little Foxes staff.

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