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Holiday Club @ Little Foxes

Our Holiday Club operates at Little Foxes throughout the school holidays and for Brinkworth Earl Danby's teacher training / 'inset' days. All primary-aged children are welcome to attend the holiday club. Bookings can be made via email the month before the end of term.

Holiday Club
@ Little Foxes

Full day session

One Full Day including all meals, snacks and activities. 

07:30-17:30 or 08:00-18:00


School day session

School day session including lunch, snacks and activities.



Morning session

Morning session including snacks: 08:00-12:00


Morning session including snack and lunch: 08:00-13:00


Afternoon session

Afternoon session including snacks: 13:00-18:00


Afternoon session including lunch and snack: 12:00-18:00



Additional charges

Ad-hoc twilight half hours

07:30-08:00 & 18:00 -18:30 (holiday club only)


Additional hours (holiday club only)


Late collection charge


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